Organised closet

Are you organised?

I have to be honest, I am mostly (don’t hate me for it, I honestly believe it’s genetic) but heck I still have disorganised days.

Those days when the pile of post on the kitchen counter teeters on the edge of an avalanche, when I swear the pixies have stolen my car keys and I can’t find a spare pair of undies for my four-year-old Sebastian because there are three baskets of unfolded washing that I need to get to.

But if you’re like me, the clutter on the outside can start to make you feel cluttered on the inside, totally sapping your sparkle right? Clearing that clutter feels sooooo good, like a mini holiday for your mind (complete with martinis by the pool and a really good book).

So, whether you’re in dire need of getting organised this Spring or just need some encouragement to get re-organised, here’s some tips and tricks that might help…

#1 Have a Place for Everything

There are certain things that we use nearly every day, right? Make sure that these items have a permanent place in your home. Put your keys on a key holder near the door or your purse in your desk draw. When your things are put away in their proper place, you’re not only organised, but you’ll save time as well. (Hello hunt-the-school-badge.)

#2 Make a List

When you have things to get done, make a list of everything you need to do to get them done. Each little task, in the order you need to do it. As well as making sure you don’t forget anything, writing it down clears your mind and helps help you to visualise.

You can also separate your lists into long-term and short-term tasks. The short-term list might be items you need to complete today, while the long-term list is your monthly or yearly goals. Or split tasks into work, home, family, personal. I love Trello for organising my thoughts and my to-dos. (You can check out the other resources I use regularly here.)

#3 Start Small

If there are lots of areas of your life that you’re trying to get organised, start small. So, if your home feels cluttered and unorganised, start with one room – say the kitchen. Give yourself a timeline to get the job done and then expand to other rooms.


#4 Find a System That Works…

… and stick to it. There are many different ways to organise things, but the important thing is to pick one and use it consistently.

I use the Marie Kondo method for folding and storing our clothes. I started with my drawers and then did the kids’ too. One system makes it quicker and easier to go on autopilot and get it done.

#5. Get Rid of Clutter

My kitchen seems to attract clutter like a magnet! If you’re the same and it’s piling up around you, it’s time to get rid of the junk. Finally go through all the stacked boxes in your garage from your house move (yup me too). Or clear the spare room to give yourself a home office. When you’re going through the clutter, decide immediately whether or not you’ve used the item in the past couple years. If you haven’t, consider selling it or giving it away to charity.

Remember that your instincts are often right. If your first instinct is to get rid of something, don’t over think it. But if it doesn’t feel right, check step you’re not holding on to emotions around it, and then perhaps pop it away for a month or two. If you still don’t need it, you can safely lose it.

#6  Sort Your Mail

Post is my nemesis. It can stack up fast (I swear it’s doing the wild thing and making babies right there on my kitchen counter). The trick for me is that as soon as I get it, I decide what needs doing with it and, unless I’m batching, I get it done. (See batching below.) I often sort post by the bin so I can throw out the junk mail straight away. If you can, shred the documents you don’t need that might contain personal information.

#7 Batch tasks

If you have lots of the similar tasks to get done, batch them together to save time and effort. You can batch cooking, ironing, folding, sewing/mending, paying bills, phone calls, research social media management etc. You can also use Timeboxing to give tasks a set time and make progress across a number of goals.

#8 Remember memories remain 

This is a great tip from Kate at Kate on Thin Ice: “I would probably add in that memories remain even when stuff goes. Only just getting rid of the final lot of Mum and Dad’s stuff (they died in 2009 and 2012!)”

What would you add to this list gorgeous? Let me know in the coments…

Bonus download

So here’s the thing, you decide to get organised, to clear that clutter and take that brain break… but then your phone pings, the doorbell rings or you remember suddenly how much you love hoovering (hello procrastination). You lose focus and the job doesn’t get done. Don’t worry, my sparkly friend, I got you. Staying focused is so important for getting organised or for any task so I’ve put together a bonus download for you with 5 tips for developing an intense focus. Grab it below.

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