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We are Sparkle Mamas...

A #SparkleMama is strong but sensitive, tired but trying, loyal, nurturing and loving, multi-talented, passionate and fiercely protective of her family.

But she's also exhausted, lost, frustrated, fed up of putting a brave face on things and guiltily wants to find herself again. She is willing to finally be vulnerable and messy and be supported by her sisters-in-arms, quitting competition, aiming away from perfection and towards positivity. Above all she wants to find and step into her truth, grow, break out of her cocoon, flex her wings and reclaim her fabulous *SPARKLE*.​

...and we need a NEW manifesto

I know what it's like to feel lost and frustrated.

Seemingly having it all but trying to figure out why I was so unhappy, so stuck, so alone. Feeling guilty for wanting more but so desperately needing it, I leaned in and focused every extra ounce of strength I had on my personal growth. On becoming aware of the stories I was telling myself, the self-beliefs that were holding me back. What began as therapy for PND led to years of self-coaching and coaching others.

I know what it's like to seem like you have it all on the OUTSIDE, but feel something's missing on the INSIDE. 

Working on finding that missing piece is the game-changer for us all. But working towards anything means having a set of GOALS.

The Sparkle Mama Manifesto™ IS that set of goals. 

They are a set of beliefs we hold as truths in our heart, beliefs that might not be REAL for us yet, but that we passionately want to MAKE REAL. Beliefs that will help us grow and *sparkle*. Beliefs that we feel ready to sign up to, to commit to, to OWN.

Sparkle mama manifesto

And we're in this together

This stuff isn't easy! But it's easier when you're not alone. Easier when you have the support of other #SparkleMamas on this journey with you. It's EASIER TOGETHER.

And that is why I set up The #SparkleOnMama Community.

I just want to say thank you Michelle, this group is amazing. It's so wonderful to be able to be myself, post when I'm happy AND when I'm not and feel like I'm supported no matter what!

  Sparkle Mama  

The #SparkleOnMama email and Facebook Community is a SAFE non-judgemental space where women who sign up to the Sparkle Mama Manifesto can get together to learn, grow, laugh, cry, support one another and step up to live their life with purpose, on purpose. Weekly email content, weekly live chats/videos and bonuses will help us put it all into action.

Michelle Reeves

This is not for everyone

The Sparkle Mama Manifesto™ and #SparkleOnMama community is NOT about parenting advice or your kids. It is NOT therapy. It's NOT about  judgement, comparison or competition. It IS for for women who are tired of putting a brave face on things, who want to COMMIT to becoming more positive, powerful and productive, who are willing to support other #SparkleMamas and step up to live their life with purpose on purpose. Because when you COMMIT to this the effects ripple out to touch your family, your children, your WHOLE world.

We're ready to reclaim our *sparkle*

We're ready to start living with purpose on purpose, creating our lives instead of letting them happen around us, deciding how we want to feel each and everyday and making that happen. We're ready to become the role models that will inspire our children. We're ready to feel the support of an amazing group of women who are on this journey with us, there not to judge but to hold the space for us to be whoever we need to be today and who we aim to be tomorrow. We're ready to laugh, cry, grow, try, fall over and get back up, break our of our cocoon, stretch our beautiful wings and ROCK our gorgeous *sparkle*.

Because there is too much comparison and not enough self-love, too much judgement and not enough sisterhood, too much drama and not enough calm confidence, too much mama guilt and not enough champagne-fuelled celebration!

So, my fabulous friend, read the manifesto, decide deep inside if working towards these beliefs could make a dramatic change in your life and if your heart says "hell yes!" join us by requesting a download and invitation to this very special email and Facebook group.


We hold these beliefs as truths in our hearts

We believe that it's OK to feel like something's missing from our lives! We forgive ourselves for feeling resentful, lost and 'less than' and take the time to design the way we WANT to feel instead.

We create our lives courageously with exciting dreams, achievable goals and massive action. We know that by doing this we're powerful role models for our children and our children's children.

We commit to giving ourselves the gift of me-time and self-care every single day with our actions AND our thoughts and 'put on our oxygen mask first'.

We indulge our passions as a beautiful gift to ourselves that makes us *sparkle*.

We are committed to unveiling and resolving the thoughts and self-beliefs that no longer serve us, knowing that it's our thoughts that create our lives.

We hold ourselves and our fellow #sparklemamas accountable with compassion and love knowing that is how we will all get the job done.

We acknowledge that while we love a handsome handbag WE ALONE can create our happiness - not other people, success, our circumstances or things.

We choose success with purpose, ease and abundance over competition and scarcity and define that success in our own terms.

We accept that we are enough just as we are but choose role models in our lives that inspire us to evolve spiritually and emotionally and to grow our knowledge in a way that serves us.

We aim to use our intuitive sense of perspective to greet each new day with curiosity, optimism and gratitude and do our very best to see the humour in the challenges that life throws at us!

We believe in feminine power and sisterhood and support each other in our amazing endeavours.

We value our beautiful bodies, nourish them with delicious food and exercise that makes us glow AND unashamedly enjoy tasty treats and a glass of the good stuff!

Download the manifesto & join us

Michelle Reeves

Michelle Reeves

Michelle Reeves is the creator of the Sparkle Mama Manifesto™ and #SparkleOnMama Community. She is crazy passionate about helping lost, frustrated busy mamas to stop sabotaging their sparkle and become the positive, powerful and productive woman they dream to be.

As a life coach she adores working with women who love their kiddos but also have a soft spot for wine, killer handbags and feeling like a heroine in their own life story. 

She is a busy mama of two, ambassador for the MIND mental health charity, speaker, course-creator, award-winning blogger and PND survivor.