How to win at blog planning in 5 simple steps

How to win at blog planning in 5 simple steps -

So I asked my blogging friends this question on Facebook: “What do you feel your biggest blog related challenge is this year?” Two key words that came up a lot were FOCUS and TIME – more of both please, they said! Does this resonate with you? It does with me – this is exactly how I was before I […]

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What I Know For Sure: How to be inspired every day

What I Know For Sure - Oprah Winfrey at

Recently it was my friend’s birthday and I sent her a book. A  book that entered my life at just the right time. A book that thrilled me, inspired me and galvanised me into action. But this one is a very special book… because it is imbibed with the magic that is OPRAH. I started watching […]

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How to Cut the Crap and Feel AMAZING

Read my reviews of the amazing books that kick-started my journey to joy at

I’m so excited to share another of the four books that kick-started my journey to joy and led me to making the big, fat, hairy goal to experience JOY every day! This book was gifted to my by the author Ailsa Frank and it’s the fabulously titled Cut the Crap and Feel AMAZING. Don’t you just […]

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How to Become The Best You

Become the Best you by Renee Davis at

Sometimes a book comes along that you think you don’t need… but then you realise it has incredible lessons to teach you! Become The Best You by my inspirational friend and fellow blogger Reneé Davis is one of those books. Reneé blogs at the fab Mummy Tries. In this, her first book, she shares her […]

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