What’s your inspiring word for 2017?

Free workshop - pick your inspiring word for 2017

  Powerful things, words. They can drive us, excite us, inspire, remind and guide us. Last year my words were REACH and ACCEPT. It was incredible how just focusing on those words changed both my outlook and my attention. Cementing an idea that had been brewing for a while, I felt inspired to reach beyond […]

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Positively Inspiring #9: Attorney Joleena Louis

Positively Inspiring series at Michelle Reeves Coaching

­ Welcome back to Positively Inspiring! I’ve been blessed to meet so many amazing, inspiring people and in this series I’m sharing the lessons that they’ve learned about happiness and positivity – let’s bring on the inspiration! Today I’m so delighted to welcome US Attorney Joleena Louis. Joleena Louis, Esq. is an NYC-based attorney who helps […]

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Do you wish you’d never had kids?

Do you wish you'd never had kids at MichelleReevesCoaching.com

French author Corinne Maier has two children but cannot wait for the second one to become independent. In an article for the BBC online magazine, she argues that adults are so obsessed with children – and so exhausted by the effort of looking after them – that they have no energy left for anything else. “Raising […]

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5 kick-ass ways to rediscover YOU busy mama

5 ways to rediscover you busy mama

­ You’re a busy mama… but you’re still you ­ As busy mamas, wives, daughters, co-workers our routine often revolves around everyone but us. And it’s so important to remember that even though we’re mamas… we’re still US. Taking time out for ourselves helps us to come back into our families and work-places as the […]

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