30 sec busy mama tip videos

Fresh from my Facebook page – short n sweet tips for busy mamas like you and me to make life that little bit easier!

(nb. these videos originally appeared on my Facebook page so you’ll hear me talking about how to comment and watch more videos on Facebook…)

#12 DIY how to hang a poster up outside

#9 Introducing the UP and DOWN basket

#6 How to make a DIY snail barrier for your pot plants

#3 Simple smoothie set-up for rush-around mornings

#11 DIY how to stop your toddler falling out of bed

#8 A simple way to banish those nasty niffs!

#5 How to deal with a cookie conundrum!

#2 How to be less rushed in the morning

#10 How to prevent the dreaded mascara drama

#7 How to make sure you get that workout DONE

#4 How to ditch the duvet drama! (laundry tip)

#1 How to stop hoovering up leftovers

How to Overcome Overwhelm free 5 day challenge