How to create a promo link image for Periscope

If you’re a fan of Periscope or Facebook Live – watching or broadcasting – you’ll have seen some of the big names out there sharing links to their blog posts, handouts and ebooks as part of their broadcasts.

This is a great way to direct traffic to your website but it can be a bit tricky to show the link when you’re front and centre on the screen – a scribble on a scrap of paper will get the job done but it’s not the prettiest (or most professional)!

How to make a promo link image like a pro…

In this video (edited from a Periscope broadcast so you’ll hear me replying to people’s comments from the broadcast) I’ll show you exactly how to create an promo link image using the free online editor Canva that you can print out or show on your laptop to highlight your bitly link when you’re broadcasting. (Incidentally the video talks about Periscope but you can use this tip for any live streaming platform – snapchat, Facebook Live, Blab etc)

And why stop there? You can use the image in a blog post afterwards or on social media with a bit of tweaking to get a real bang for your (free) buck.


Live Broadcasting Support Group

If you fancy going live on any of the main social media channels – Facebook Live, Snapchat, Periscope, Instagram Stories – but are not sure how to get started or need some confidence before you dive in, come and join me in the Live Broadcasting Support Group on Facebook.

The Live Broadcasting Support Group on Facebook

The Live Broadcasting Support Group is for bloggers/vloggers and others who want to explore live broadcasting platforms – Periscope, Facebook Live, Instagram Stories, Snapchat, Blab, YouTube Live etc – in a fun way with some help and advice from the group.

We watch each other’s broadcasts, give some love and offer constructive feedback.

P.S. Want some freebies? Read my Bloggers Guide to Periscope or download my FREE Facebook Live cheat sheet & script to hit the ground running.

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