What's REALLY stopping you from focusing on self care-

What’s really stopping us from focusing on US?

You know how strongly I feel about the importance of taking time out for ourselves, for self care (heck I even created a whole course about creating a routine that builds that time into our day) …⠀

Yup we’re busy, oh-so-busy, crazy-busy, rushing-around-busy, cold-coffee-again-busy… ⠀

But is that the REAL reason?

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We’re busy mamas, wives, partners, home-creators, house-maintainers, solopreneurs, daughters, sisters, colleagues… and so much more.⠀

But is THAT the real reason?⠀Nope, I’m not sure it is.⠀

It’s about mindset. It’s about putting ourselves last on the list. It’s about filling up everyone else’s cup and leaving ours empty. It’s about paddling away madly under the surface but just keeping afloat. It’s about needing to change how we THINK before we can change change how we ACT.

Clearly we want to be the best we can be in the roles we play in our lives, so how can we focus on ourselves and not feel guilty or distracted by everyone else’s shizzle?

Ditch Perfectionism

Oftentimes, for me personally, I know I let perfectionism be my shield. I’ll promise myself that I’ll get round me me just as soon as I’ve tidied the kitchen, stacked the dishwasher, done the washing… but really I’m just feeling guilty that I should be doing those things instead so I push them to the top of my list. All that busy-ness scratches my perfectionism itch but really to be my best self I need to give myself the gift of my own space and time to be creative, or relax or exercise or get out into nature… or whatever will fill my soul today.

More resources on perfectionism: Lizzie Somerset

Remember our why

If you’ve got a task-focused personality like me then often it’s super easy to get bogged down in everything on everything we need to get done in our day as busy mamas, right? (Add to that trying to set up and run a business or blog and it can get pretty overwhelming!)

So we push our own self-care, our me-time, down to the bottom of the list.

But if we can remember our WHY, the reason that time for US is important, whatever we choose to do with it… reading, painting, blogging, building our business, resting, dancing, meditating… then that can help us reprioritise ourselves.

It’s important because of the impact on our MINDSET, our ATTITUDE, our happiness quota.

Important because it allows us to come back out of that personal space to be the best version of ourselves with everyone else in our lives.

Time management

As busy mamas our lives are FULL to the brim with tasks, that’s for sure, but managing our time can also help to create the space in our day to focus on ourselves. I use a technique called timeboxing which chunks up my available time and assigns tasks to that time for a set period. (You can read more about timeboxing – and grab a free handout – here.)

Whatever technique you choose to find the space in the day for you, my busy mama friend, know this… YOU are worthwhile enough to be the #1 task on your to do list.

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