How to slay procrastinationThere was still a coffee smudge on the counter top. I’d already cleaned the rest of the kitchen, which quite frankly is most unlike me on a Wednesday morning. Normally I’d be at my desk, tapping away or Skyping with a client. I rubbed away at that smudge like my life depended on it. And all while this quarter’s expenses report sat neglected.

You can tell what I was doing, right? I was procrastinating. I was putting off the thing I needed to get done because heck it didn’t excite me.

But here’s the thing my sparkly friend, success results from achievement which is what happens when you get things done.

Not when you HIDE from them.

Sound familiar? Don’t worry I got you with 9 tips I use to stop procrastination dulling my sparkle. Read them this weekend and you’ll be ready to hit the ground running on Monday. Hope you find it useful. (Incidentally, my Busy Mama VIP subscribers had this content last week #justsaying – sign up in the sidebar if it takes your fancy.)

#1 Set a Goal

Decide what you want to achieve. Once you know your goal, build a step-by-step plan to achieve it. Knowing the outcome and the steps helps you to see where to start and empowers you to take action.

#2 Remove Analysis Paralysis

Stop over-thinking – second guessing yourself and over-worrying will get you nowhere and stop you taking action. If you know what you need to do, what you are trying to achieve and have the resources needed available then your best course of action is to get started.

#3 Clear Your Mind

If you ARE overthinking, take the time to mind dump your thoughts onto paper – worries, to-dos, feelings or concerns about what you don’t want to do. This clears your mind freeing you up to focus only on the tasks.

#4 Small Steps

It’s easier to take action when you just set yourself small steps on the way to completing a bigger goal. It’s less overwhelming and you get a boost from accomplishing something straight away.

#5 Be Accountable

Grab your phone and announce your goal to a friend. Being accountable is a great driver to taking action because you feel a greater sense of commitment towards the goal and getting it done. I wrote a post about what to look for in an accountability partner here. (If you have a personal Coach, tell them. They will be able to discuss your progress, discuss any potential issues that may hamper your progress and help you overcome them.)

#6 Remove Distractions

Turn off your phone, shut down your email and social media sites and get yourself into a situation where you can be undisturbed. I know, I know, it’s tough. But removing interruptions means you’ll hit your flow and be more productive. (Lock your phone in a drawer if you have to, seriously.)

#7 Change Your Mindset

Be positive and tell yourself that you can and will get this shizzle done. See yourself as a ninja action taker. You could create a mind movie of yourself taking action. Wearing Prada. With a killer blow-dry, if you like. Make it involve all of your senses so that you can really feel, hear and see yourself working towards your goal, achieving it and then experiencing the positive results. It works.

#8 Stop Waiting For The Perfect Time

It’s easy to wait for the perfect time or situation but look, the chances are it will never happen. Simply get started and you’ll find that momentum will build and you’ll make progress.

#9 Be Consistent

Even a gorgeous Manolo Blahnik collection means someone taking time to design and make every single shoe. Consistent action every day equals major headway towards your goals. Make getting stuff done a habit. Even the smallest step forward is progress.

Want more? Download the worksheet below with affirmations to make sure procrastination knows your door is closed for business.

Sparkle on busy mama! You got this x

Michelle Reeves - Goals and Success Coach for Busy Mamas

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