Motivation Megastar with Michelle Reeves

Have you lost your 'get it done' mojo?

Do you sometimes struggle to get or stay motivated to ROCK your goals?

Do you wish you could STRUTT confidently through your life knowing you're getting the JOB DONE?

Would you love to be able to maintain your FOCUS day-in-day-out to see real RESULTS in your life or business?

Get ready... get set... get motivated!

In this course you’ll learn the tools & techniques that I've perfected over time and use with my coaching clients to help them sail effortlessly over those inevitable motivation slumps, but more importantly, you’ll have a toolbox that you can dip into at any time to boost your confidnce, rediscover your 'why' and GET THE JOB DONE whether your goal is to create or grow your own business, beef-up your blogging or create some space in the day that's just for you to live a life you love.

The end result: you'll feel more motivated and confident than ever before and KNOW that you can maintain that motivation by dipping into your personal megastar toolkit whenever and wherever you need to


I'm passionate about helping busy mamas like you and me to consciously create space in the day for US, to dream big dreams, create achievable goals and live a life we love. I wanted to create Motivation Megastar to share the tools & techniques that use EVERY SINGLE DAY to hit the ground running, maintain my motivation and rock my busy mama goals

Motivation Megastar is for you if...

You find it hard to get motivated even though you dream big dreams & want to ROCK YOUR GOALS

You get excited about your goals but struggle to STAY MOTIVATED & often hit that dreaded 'slump'

You've got your busy mama routine down but struggle to focus on your PERSONAL goals and plans

Each year you buy a new planner & try to get ORGANISED but just can't seem to stay that way

There's so much you'd LOVE to achieve if only you believe you can actually GET THE JOB DONE

Motivation Megastar


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