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I’ve been blessed to meet so many amazing, inspiring people and in this series I’m sharing the lessons they’ve learned about happiness and positivity – let’s bring on the inspiration!

Today I’m delighted to welcome a totally awesome husband and wife power team – fitness and healthy lifestyle experts Laura and Barry Ash from Rock Solid.

The mission of Rock Solid is to empower people to take back control of their lives through education to align their bodies and their minds, enabling them to push beyond their comfort zone to achieve things above and beyond what they would normally do to ultimately create a better quality of life which holds longevity and abundance….because, as they say, there is no finish line.

How incredible is this! I have to say this has to be one of my favourite interviews yet – I first met Laura (Loz) and Barry (Baz) at our Master Coach training sessions before Christmas and was blown away by their positive energy. It flies off the screen in their regular live broadcasts on Facebook and on their YouTube channel too.

The transformations they’ve helped people to make in their lives and bodies are amazing and their personal perspective on happiness is inspirational. I just know you’re going to enjoy this edition of Positively Inspiring, my friends! PLUS read all the way through to the end for a very special free gift.

Michelle Reeves


Laura & Barry Ask aka Rock Solid

Loz & Baz, you are such positive people! But who do YOU find most inspiring for their positive attitude and outlook on their life/business?

Thanks Michelle I think that positivity will only take you so far, action is the backup to this, nothing happens without action. So positivity PLUS action is REAL power!

For us, we really respect people who have niched down their business and are really serving their clients and audience with passion and commitment. Giving massive value to them because they believe in their cause.

We love Gary Vee who is an Entrepreneur with a lot of drive, energy and the passion to help people.

Loz – For me I would say Sylvester Stallone also is a fav of mine for his determination and commitment to get where he wanted to – Stallone pushed Rocky for years and was told he would never make it but he dug his heels in and look where is now!

PLUS Barry – what he has accomplished over the past year Michelle is nothing short of a miracle! I have seen him develop his mindset and his own confidence and its been a pleasure to watch. Every day he works hard to be his best version of himself. He’s a pretty awesome guy PLUS inspiring.

Baz – For me I would say Tony Robbins, I love his drive, tenacity and positive mindset. Plus his ability to solve problems, quickly and effectively and there is no BS with it!


What would you say is the most important lesson you’ve learned about happiness or staying positive? 

Baz – Happiness is an easy or a hard thing to get, it’s your choice whether you make it easy or hard – it all depends on how you see life.

Loz – For me it is about gratitude and giving thanks every day and just BEING – it sounds simple but we are usually so busy being worried about the HAVING that we forget to simply BE. We believe that if we HAVE something it will give us a feeling, which yes it will, for a short amount of time, but then it will fade.

Being able to be thankful and grateful every step of the day for me is happiness. Today I had pleasure while walking to a school we were teaching at to watch some starlings having a bath in a gutter! It was magical!

I learned a very hard lesson when I was medically retired from the police force in 2013 after being unable to carry out my duties because of my Bi-Polar. I pinned my whole happiness on being in the police for 30 years. I had it all mapped out. My happiness was external and based on having something and it was taken away from me in an instant. From that point forward for me it was about BEING – who I wanted to be to create my own happiness. This, in turn, makes me positive…and thankful!

We all have days that don’t go according to plan! What are your top tips for staying positive when you have one of those days?

Loz: Suck it up princess, lol!! (sorry could not resist). This all comes down to expectations.
How many of us expect WAAAAYYY to much out of life, and this expectation leads to unhappiness.

For example…have you ever said….”huh! thought he would have texted me!” or “thought the weather would be better for the day” or “the room is smaller that I expected”. This leads to disappointment and upset. Expectations will screw you over.

Being an Entrepreneur and business owner things don’t always go the way you want it to – I like to look at it as a challenge – change my language and look at it as an opportunity to grow.

Baz – I got outside and look up and practice my gratitude, it just puts into perspective how small my problems are. I get busy – go and have a workout and just take my mind off things. It happens, it’s life.

And I talk to Loz too! A problem shared and all that jazz!!

Laura and Barry Ash aka Rock Solid

What’s your favourite quote about happiness or staying positive?

Baz: “The human body in motion = your emotion” Tony Robbins

Loz: I have 3!!!

Morgan Freeman saying “We humans are more concerned on having than being.” from Lucy the movie… watch it, it’s ACE!

“Flow don’t fight be like water!” – Bruce Lee

“Nothing has any meaning except the meaning you give it” – ME!

Finally guys, what does happiness mean for you?

Baz: For me that I am inspiring people to be the person they CAN be! Thats what happiness means for me.

Loz: For me it is freedom of judgement, or expectations, of being able to be you no matter what. Complete fulfilment from the inside out. Plus of course Baz and Kitty Cuddles from our 5 cats!

I feel more positive just reading that, do you? Rock Solid is THE place to be for healthy lifestyle tips, motivation, education and some serious energy from Loz and Baz. PLUS they have a very special gift for my readers – a FREE 7 day lifestyle challenge! Click the image below to sign up. And make sure you’re following Rock Solid across their social media channels for more inspiration every day.


Rock Solid free 7 day Lifestyle Challenge

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