How to start living your most daring dreamsI had a daring dream…

I wanted to run a business helping busy mamas like me to grow their positivity, power and productivity. Busy mamas who’d lost their mojo, their purpose, their passion. I wanted to help them live their own dreams… I wanted to let them know that it was completely ok to want to spend time on THEM. Yup time away from being a mama. And I wanted to do this by working with them one to one. I wanted this SO MUCH it consumed me!

But I knew that to do this I’d need to step BIG into my passion and build my business up from scratch.

It was scary… but oh so exciting! And I knew I needed a solid plan. Because dreaming big dreams is one thing… but taking action to start living your dreams is quite another.

My dream wouldn’t let me rest until I started bringing it to life. And now I’m blessed to work with incredible women who are daring to dream beautiful, shiny dreams that make them grin from ear to ear. And they’re moving forward every day. Crushing it!

Do you have a dream that’s knocking on the door of your mind? That lives in your daydreams, makes you smile that secret smile? (Yup, I can see it playing at the edges of your lips right there!)

Here’s 3 quick tips to start living them today…

Tip #1: Give yourself permission

Give yourself permission to dream those BIG, exciting, daring (and perhaps just a teeny bit scary) dreams and set challenging goals in your life, regardless of what anyone else might say or think.

If you want to learn how to climb a mountain, go skydiving one day, start your own business or spend hours painting wall-size masterpieces you go for it! Remember that you only have one life and you own it. Life is too short to keep putting things off until next week, next year or when the stars align. Remember the time will NEVER be 100% right! #ditchperfection

Tip #2: Bring your dreams to life

Write out your dreams and desires on paper or capture them on your phone/computer, whatever works for you to record them in all their gorgeous shiny glory. How do they feel? How do they look? Paint a picture with words that makes them live for you. Use ALL the adjectives.

Go through your list and place them in order. Have the one you want to do first on top. Now start planning out how you will achieve your dream. Do you need to learn a new skill? Take certain lessons? What help do you need? Perhaps you need to save up the cash for it – if so make a plan to save a little every week or month. It can often help to break down larger goals into much smaller ones. This way they become more manageable and easier to attain.

How to start living your most daring dreams - Michelle Reeves Coaching

Tip #3: Stay motivated

Stay motivated and on track with reaching your goal and don’t let others dissuade you from your dream. Build resilience by remembering when you’ve achieved goals in the past and use that to give you confidence.

BUT do be authentic to those who try to stop you in your tracks. Listen to their objections, consider their relevance to you (read this post to learn how to neutralize the naysayers in your life) and then counter them with an action plan.

If you need their buy-in, map out the steps you plan to take to reach your goal and show how this addresses their concerns. Make sure they understand how important this is to you and ask for their support. If necessary say that you’ll check in with them regularly to share your progress.

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