My final podcast episode for 2019… and it’s a good one!

Today I’m joined by a business powerhouse… from a baptism of fire at the age of 24, turning around a loss-making wine bar to profit in the heart of London, to founding and running guerrilla comms agency Oggadoon PR, Caroline McDonald’s entrepreneurial journey is a lesson in learning the fundamentals of business and applying those principles, alongside your values, goals and a whole heap of self-belief, to create a unique, successful and inspiring enterprise of your own.

In our interview, Caroline shares the importance of creating something that allowed for a balance between her work and life, refusing to compromise on her own values, her belief that while we don’t have to be alpha-females to be successful, we do have an Achilles heel as women in business and what that is, why PR isn’t just a nice-to-have and some must-have tips for all small businesses who want to promote themselves in the media including what journalists are really looking for. 

Links mentioned in this episode

  • Oggadoon PR
  • Connect with Caroline on LinkedIn
  • Caroline’s PR tips:
    • Spend 20-30 mins a day on your PR comms engagement
    • Use Twitter to connect with journalists
    • Creating opinion pieces can make you the go-to person in your industry for comments
    • Consider what people want to hear about and what they can take action on rather than what you want to sell
    • Be active on social media but make it meaningful and relevant – it’s about engagement and being an authoritative voice
    • Use appropriate and trending hashtags where relevant

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