Do you have an attitude of gratitude?

Today I have another special bonus episode of The Ideal Life Club podcast for you! It was so much fun sharing my book The Happiness Habits Transformation at events around the UK last year and waaaay back in episode 14 I shared two chapters with you on the show. Well today, I’m sharing another chapter – this time it’s all about my 3rd happiness habit.

I’m still so proud of this book, it’s was endorsed by Dr Juliet Mcgrattan, health expert and author and also by Vicki Psarias Broadbent founder of the multi-award winning website Honest Mum, who full disclosure is a pal of mine, and she said it was “a brilliantly engaging practical guide on changing your mindset and improving your life.” Thank you so much ladies, I’m still so blown away by your lovely words!

But to be honest writing this book wasn’t that easy. Going back and reliving my journey and personal experience of depression to share how I rebuilt my life through a combination of 8 simple happiness habits took me right back to that point in my life when I was at ROCK BOTTOM.

Ten years ago I quit my corporate job in marketing, my husband and I put our lives into storage and travelled 5500 miles around the world to Shanghai in China where our exciting future lay before us, full of wonder and possibilities.

But fast forward 24 months and I was unrecognisable to myself, let alone anyone else, in the grips of post-natal depression with a six month old baby who’d been born prematurely and not slept much since, a shell of the confident woman I’d once been.

And now, 10 years on, here I am, a certified life and business coach, author and podcast host, working with incredible entrepreneurs who are making huge changes in their businesses AND their lives. It’s freakin incredible and something I’m so so grateful for!

And that’s very relevant to today’s episode as you’ll see that my 3rd happiness habit is all about having an attitude of gratitude.

I really hope you enjoy this episode!

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