Spring is traditionally a time for clearing away the clutter and planting seeds we hope will bloom throughout the rest of the year. But that doesn’t mean we have to wait until then…

First, there’s the physical clutter, the stuff of our lives that can pile up over time until it teeters on the edge of falling over and tripping you up every time you walk past it. I’ve definitely been guilty of this, leaving receipts and paid bills in a stack and promising myself that I’ll get round to filing them one day.

Then there’s your work desk – how does yours look? Scattered papers and scribbled to-do lists or pristine and minimal? Different strokes work for different folks of course but when the clutter starts to take over you’re definitely not going to be at your most productive.

And being around clutter can be stressful because it brings on feelings of overwhelm and guilt, reminding us of all the things we haven’t done yet – it drains our energy before we’ve even gotten started!

Do you need to clear the cobwebs in your finances? Do you know exactly what your incomings and outgoings are each month or do you just wing it and save when you need to? Do you have a retirement plan, a will, sufficient insurance cover, a regular savings plan? While getting a clear financial plan in place can take some time up front it’s a great relief when you know where you stand money-wise.

Then there’s relationships… this one’s a toughie. Who are the most important people in your life? Does your calendar include enough time with them or have you accepted invitations that you feel you should instead? Are there toxic relationships in your life that you need to sweep away to let more positive ones in?

7 questions to help Spring Clean your life at any time of year

Use this list of 7 journal prompts to make a list of everything that you’d like to Spring Clean in your life – your home, business, finances, relationships, health and mental wellness. Pick one area and choose three things you could do to get started this week. It’s amazing how quickly you’ll feel that spring come back into your step!

#1 In what AREAS of your life do you need a breath of fresh air?

#2 What COBWEBS do you need to sweep away to appreciate all that ‘sparkles’ in your life?

#3 What do you need to CLEAR UP – so that you can spring forward?

#4 What’s CLUTTERING up your mind that you need to deal with or release?

#5 What’s PHYSICALLY cluttering up your life that needs sorting out? (i.e. wardrobe, office, garden, filing, bills)

#6 Where do you need to freshen up your MINDSET or attitude?

#7 What is ZAPPING your energy and holding you back? (Physically, mentally or emotionally?)


Spring Clean Your Life 6-week programme

Ready to go further?

Are you ready to step away from overwhelm, clear the clutter and create real change in your life? Are you at a cross-roads and need help stepping into your power to make the right choices for your next steps forward? Create a complete Spring Clean plan for your life, business and mindset with my brand *new* 6-week programme – Spring Clean Your Life – that combines online learning with 121 and group coaching with like-minded women.

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