In the beginning, you had clear goals and plans and you were super excited about rocking them. But, let’s be honest, it’s all too easy to ‘go off the boil’, lose sight of what you wanted to achieve and get lost in the minutiae of day to day life, right?

In fact a recent US study ( showed that while 44.3% of people made a resolution relating to self-improvement or growth, 42.4% of people who make resolutions FAIL every year. Here’s one tip to keep yourself on track – make yourself accountable to someone. If you have a coach, great, they should be doing that anyway. But if not, find a friend or colleague who also has a goal for the New Year and suggest you become accountability buddies.

An accountability partner should be someone who understands why your goal is important to you, who will support you, pick you up when you’re down and kick your butt when you need it too!

But how do you know what to look for in an accountability partner? What qualities should they have? Here’s four strengths I believe you need to look for:

#1 Brutally honest & straightforward

Sticking with your goals can be tough. A ‘yes’-girl (or guy) or a ‘friend’ who doesn’t want to upset you isn’t going to help you stay on track. Also, it can be a big no-no for a relationship if you’re calling on your pal to hold you accountable when this isn’t the role that they want or can play for you.

What you need is someone who will be honest and tell you straight whether you’re doing what you said you would or what needs to get done. Will they kick your butt if you’re procrastinating? Will they tell you if they think your plans aren’t realistic? If they happen to be a friend too… that’s a bonus. But it’s NOT a pre-requisite.

Note: brutal honesty is not the same as negativity – a true accountability partner will ALWAYS be positive and have your back.

#2 Great at questioning & listening

A good accountability partner will ask searching questions that help to shape and mould your ideas and goals. They will help you flesh out your plans by making sure you’ve covered all the bases, drawing on their own experience or that of others. And they will listen carefully to your answers, clarify they understand what you’re saying, and make sure it makes sense.

#3 Different strengths & weaknesses to you

Are you a great planner but not so good at executing? Or perhaps you’re a creative genius but shiver when it comes to paperwork? Whatever strengths and weaknesses you have look for the opposite in your accountability partner. Those complimentary skills will help to complete you when it comes to making sure you’re covering all the bases.

Also, importantly, this is a two-way relationship, my friends. So you want to give as much as you get. Having strengths your partner doesn’t, will enable you to help them too.

#4 They’re in a different industry or a different niche in the same industry

Having an accountability partner that works in a different industry to or niche to you allows them to give an outside perspective on your issues and challenges. It also allows you to both grow and learn without concerns or awkwardness about competing with each other.

What if you find your ideal partner and they’re in the same industry as you? Agree up front how you’ll deal with issues around competing interests and make sure you stick to that agreement.


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