Coaching with Michelle

You deserve to have a *SPARKLY* life you love

…And you don’t have to figure this all out on your own!


As busy mamas it’s so easy for us to end up running on empty.

We give, give, give ALL the time… and end up burying our gorgeous sparkle in a mountain of to-dos that meet everyone else’s needs…


We tell our kids they can be anything they want to be, we fill them up with love, confidence and passion… but we don’t do the same for ourselves

We get super excited about a pretty new planner that will solve ALL our problems… but after a few weeks it sits in a drawer (with the others…)

We tick, tick, tick tasks off our lists but don’t get that sense of achievement we deserve

We set resolutions only to find at the end of the year that we’re no further forward in achieving our goals 

It can be sooo frustrating, right?

Perhaps most of the time, you got this. You might not know exactly where you’re headed but you’re pretty happy in your skin, right? But then sometimes you just wish you had a bit more DIRECTION and you can’t help thinking it would be nice if life had a manual or someone out there to help you figure out your next step…

What if I told you it does?

Don’t let this be another year of missed opportunities, half-formed goals or dumped resolutions.


“I am amazed by just how much change I have been able to make in just a few weeks thanks to Michelle’s support and encouragement.” – Amanda Shortman


You’re not alone


SOMETIMES WE ALL NEED A CHEERLEADER ON THE SIDELINES, guiding and mentoring us, pushing us beyond where we THINK we should be to where we truly CAN be. Someone who’s ready to listen without judgement, who’s had the knocks and gotten back up, who’s got your back.

(And yup, someone who’s gonna hold you ACCOUNTABLE too.)

Sometimes you need a cheerleader
You deserve to have a life you love. You deserve to wake up feeling energised and excited about the day ahead.


I can help you with that.




You have the potential…

“When I first started my coaching sessions with Michelle, I knew I wanted to make BIG change in my life but was feeling utterly overwhelmed by all the different options and completely paralysed by fear. Over the course of five sessions, Michelle helped me to break everything down into achievable steps, prioritising the things that were most important to me right now so that I could focus on moving forward. The sessions themselves gave me an opportunity to reflect on the challenges I was facing, as well as the resources I had available to me, including my own strength and resilience. And having Michelle there to keep me accountable, gave me the push I needed to actually make change, even if that meant facing my fears and stepping out of my comfort zone.

Thanks to my sessions with Michelle, I have taken charge of my life and can feel so much change happening all around me. I have successfully developed my business idea and secured ongoing work with my first client. I have also begun to share a deep passion of mine on my blog and social media, something I have resisted for over ten years. And all of this has been done with careful consideration for the limitations caused by my current health issues, something which I previously believed would make moving forward impossible. I cannot recommend one to one coaching sessions with Michelle enough – they have truly helped me to turn my life around, and I am amazed by just how much change I have been able to make in just a few weeks thanks to Michelle’s support and encouragement.”

Amanda Shortman

AMANDA SHORTMAN (Shortman Media, The Family Patch, The Kid Spirit Network)


You’ve got questions, I expect…

What the heck is life coaching?
Coaching is personal and bespoke learning, support and guidance to help you make progress in your life and/or work. That progress might include overcoming self-limiting beliefs, reaching a goal, rediscovering your passions in life, overcoming challenges, creating powerful learning and change to reclaim your gorgeous inner sparkle.
What's your coaching style?
I truly believe that everyone has it within themselves to achieve their biggest, hairiest and scariest goals with the right support and guidance. I’m passionate about working collaboratively with you to explore your true purpose and identify and overcome challenges that may be stopping you from reaching your goals. My aim is for you to leave my coaching sessions feeling positive, powerful and productive with a way forward that excites and empowers you – and I’ll be your accountability partner to make sure you’re getting the results you want! 
What is a coaching session like? (I'm nervous)
There’s no need to be nervous my fabulous friend! Think of coaching with me as a conversation where you’re listened to wholeheartedly, in total confidence, with someone who trusts that you are capable of more than you think you are!
How can I prepare for a coaching session?
It really depends on your needs – this isn’t a cookie-cutter service because each session is tailored to YOU. But I might ask you to complete a worksheet or workbook to help you prepare and I’ll also supply you with review sheets so that you can reflect on our sessions for more insight and your ongoing development.
Are you a member of a professional body?
Absolutely. I’m a full member of the Association for Coaching. And I’ve received Master Coach training with two of the pre-eminent UK coaches trained by Tony Robbins.
How do I get started?
Simply get in touch using the form below or email me at to schedule a free taster session where you can discover more about coaching with me and how we could work together. (No pressure or hard sell, I promise!)

Don’t wait… book a free taster call with me


Not sure if 121 coaching is right for you?  If you’ve never worked with a coach before (or if you have and didn’t get the results you we’re hoping for) let’s have a chat. I can answer all your questions – no hard sell and no obligation to buy. Let’s see if we click. (What have you got to lose?)