Free workshop - pick your inspiring word for 2017


Powerful things, words.

They can drive us, excite us, inspire, remind and guide us.

Last year my words were REACH and ACCEPT. It was incredible how just focusing on those words changed both my outlook and my attention. Cementing an idea that had been brewing for a while, I felt inspired to reach beyond what I thought I might be capable of and integrate my coaching business into this site by relaunching with new branding and a brand new design.

I also wanted to continue to reach OUT. To touch the lives of others and help them move away from negativity and be the most positive version of themselves.

Similarly, I’ve learnt over the past year that a big part of everyday happiness for me is accepting the things that I can’t change. In my life, my work, myself and others. Accepting that I don’t have the time to do everything that I want to each day. Accepting that having two under 8’s and a fledgling business means that some days things are just going to be THAT way. Accepting that the people in my life are the way they are and they’re not going to change, however much I nag or get frustrated that the towels are all over the bathroom floor or the rubbish bin hasn’t been emptied and is overflowing on the kitchen floor.

Sometimes things will knock me off course, shake me, rattle me… but learning to bend when those winds of change blow rather than splintering is allowing me to bounce back stronger and happier.

The point is that unlike resolutions which, let’s be honest, we invariably break and then feel bad about, a single word (or perhaps two) can act as a note of positivity throughout the year.

Do you have an inspiring word for 2016?


I have a FREE workshop to help you pick the right word to inspire YOUR year PLUS a downloadable workbook so you can walk through the simple steps right along with me.

(And yes I’ll be sharing my word for 2017 too!)

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A single word can act as a note of positivity throughout the year and I can’t wait to help you choose yours!

Michelle Reeves