So often our routine is based on what everyone else needs. Our work and family life fill our days up to the brim and we squeeze in what we can for ourselves in between. And, if we're totally honest, in the dim hours when the truth seeps out between the cracks, we realise we might have lost ourselves a little bit along the way.

In The Happiness Habits Transformation, I urge you to take a time-out (without feeling guilty about it) to rebuild your daily routine into one that serves you - one habit at a time. Through my personal experience of depression and how I rebuilt my life through a combination of 8 simple happiness habits, you’ll discover how you can create a simple routine with time to focus on YOU, release yourself from the habit of negativity, boost your self-esteem and dream and plan out your biggest, scariest and most exciting goals.

Think of it as laying a new foundation... paving the way for sparkle, success and happiness!

" A brilliantly engaging practical guide on changing your mindset and transforming your life."
- Vicki Psarias-Broadbent - author of ‘MUMBOSS’ and founder of HonestMum.com

About Michelle

After a four-year life-changing move to China in 2008, that left me suffering a traumatic birth and post-natal treatment for depression, I was left searching for a way back to ME. Over time and through a combination of 8 Happiness Habits, I went from functioning to absolutely flourishing.

Today, as a certified life and mindset coach, I help women release their own brand of magic and live their ideal lives, with a quirky blend of hand-holding support, growth-inducing challenge and motivation, accountability and fun. 


Create your own Happiness Habits Transformation step-by-step in this online course

10 modules with workbooks, videos, checklists, tutorials and fun bonuses

  • Create a personal morning and evening routine that will set you up for the day with a positivity boost
  • Dream your biggest dreams, find your true purpose and create an action plan to finally reach your biggest, scariest and most exciting goals
  • Give yourself a lift whenever you need it during the day with self-care strategies that really work
  • End the evening ready for the next day with joy, grace and gratitude