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Overcome feeling overwhelmed


Feeling overwhelmed sucks

There’s nothing worse than the sickening feeling of having too much to do and not knowing where to start… your stomach knots, your mind reels, you feel like Alice in Wonderland about to be attacked by a tumbling house of cards. You just want to run away and jump into something that will distract your mind from it all… hello biscuit tin and netflix box sets!

Even if most of the time we’ve got a handle on our crazy-busy mama life (well, most of it, most of the time) we can ALL feel like this sometimes….

… but the good news is we don’t have to STAY feeling this way.

Stop the ride I want to get off...

When overwhelm hits me I feel trapped, I don’t know where to turn, what to do next, where to start… I just know I want that feeling to STOP and fast.

Because the thing is…. we can’t just run away right? (And let’s face it retail therapy can only help so much *smoking credit card*).

So let’s get you back on top shall we? I’ve identified the key triggers that kick-start that feeling of overwhelm and created a plan of action to help you stop it in its tracks and get back to your most confident, sparkly self quick-smart.


This FREE 5-day course will help you overcome feeling overwhelmed and get back on track… fast.

Each day you’ll receive an email from me with a new technique or tips plus a downloadable worksheet or cheatsheet – building into a set of tools you can practise to make sure next time that feeling of being overwhelmed hits you, you have a clear plan to take action.

  • DAY ONE: Identifying your overwhelm triggers
  • DAY TWO: The #1 thing you must do FIRST when you feel overwhelmed (and what happens next)
  • DAY THREE: The actions you need to take every day to keep overwhelm at bay
  • DAY FOUR: 5 key things you can start doing today that keep me on top of my busy-mama life
  • DAY FIVE: Get ready to go further… (the future you is waiting)

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Michelle Reeves

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Michelle Reeves

Michelle Reeves helps lost, frustrated busy mamas who’ve buried their sparkle become the positive, powerful and productive woman they dream to be.

As a goals and success coach she adores working with women who love their kiddos but also have a soft spot for wine, killer handbags and feeling like a heroine in their own life story. 

She is an ambassador for the MIND mental health charity, speaker, course leader, award-winning blogger and PND survivor.