Practical Podcasting for Beginners

Launch a podcast to promote your business
(Even if technology and you aren't *always* BFFs)

You love listening to podcasts and you've been thinking about launching your own. But how the heck do you do that when you've got a business to run and *ahem* technology isn't always your best friend?

Lemme guess - you get totally inspired listening to podcasts. You pop those ear buds in and soak up the audio goodness whenever you get a spare moment.

And because you're a business owner (and pretty savvy, right?) I'm guessing you've realised that because podcasts are one of the fastest growing content platforms out there, it could be a GREAT way to promote your business. 

(After all, it works for Amy Porterfield and Michael Hyatt, so why not you?)

And let's be honest... unlike videos or Facebook Lives, no-one can see you on a podcast. Hello to promo in your PJs.

But I'm also guessing you're wondering how on earth to get started when you're working ALL the hours in your business. And *sometimes* technology and you just don't get along.

Am I right?

I get it. When I started my first podcast in 2018 I didn't have a clue! 

Since then (and two podcasts later) I've learned the hard way. I've made all the mistakes and figured out what works and what doesn't. And now I run my The Ideal Life Club podcast alongside my business with a simple system that fits into my regular content creation routine.

And did I mention I have two kids and a husband to manage too? (*wink*)

When I remember back to how overwhelmed I felt trying to figure out ALL the things getting my first podcast out there I break into a sweat.

But it doesn't have to be that way. So I've put together everything I've learned into a new step-by-step program tailored for business owners who want the practical steps to launch their own podcast (without spending $$$$ on a 'guru' course).

Practical Podcasting for Beginners

Practical Podcasting for Beginners is a self-paced program with that will take you from idea to publishing episodes with step-by-step video lessons, advice and tips from Michelle Reeves, host of 5* rated The Ideal Life Club podcast, business coach and author of The Happiness Habits Transformation.


Here's what you'll learn...

Key modules with video lessons, transcripts and workbooks to help you get the fundamentals right for a podcast you can start, grow and scale


How to turn your ideas into a fully formed podcast

Create your podcast topic and bank of episode content so you're never left staring at the microphone wondering what to say...


The equipment you DO need (and all the things you don't)

You can spend ALL the moolahs on equipment for podcasting but you really don't have to. I'll show you how to get started with some basic tools and software that won't break the bank.


Writing, recording and editing your episodes

This is where the magic happens! Plus one simple change to your routine to ensure your podcast doesn't take over your business (or your life!)


How to get started with my favorite podcasting platform (hint: it's cheap and easy to use)

There are lots of different podcasting platforms to use but with this one you don't need to be a technical genius *phew* - I'll walk you through each step (and yes you'll be on iTunes and Spotify too)


Setting up your podcast web page and show notes

Plus how to create added value transcripts for your listeners in minutes (not hours)


Podcast branding, artwork and voice-overs

How to make your podcast look - and sound - the business (excuse the pun)


How to streamline and automate your podcast guest process

Want to have guests on your show? I'll show you how to get a steady stream of guests in a streamlined process that runs while you work.


Growing your podcast following using a free tool and your existing social media channels

Learn how to create clickable videos from your episodes with a free tool and integrate promoting your podcast into your current content process

You are fully protected by my 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

If, for any reason, you're not fully satisfied that you've received value for money with Practical Podcasting for Beginners, I will happily give you a FULL REFUND.




Because who doesn't like getting something extra?

Bonus 1
Access to ME for support and guidance

Most online programs leave you floundering - trying to take what you've learned and apply it in your own life and work. 

Not here. You'll get online access to ask me for support and guidance when you need it most. No more getting stuck and quitting. This is the program that you WILL finish.

Bonus 2
Lifetime access to ALL the materials (even new stuff)

This isn't a program that you have to finish within a certain time limit. You'll have access to all the materials for the lifetime of the program. 

PLUS you'll also get immediate access to any new content that I add into the program over time.

(I hate 'new customer only' promotions)

Bonus 3
My ultimate Podcast Template Vault

Creating promotional images and other reusable assets for your podcast would take valuable time away from running your business.

I got you. In the Template Vault you can swipe editable guest invitations, onboarding email templates, episode scripts and more to save you time (and $$$).

About Michelle

Michelle Reeves is a certified life and business coach, host of The Ideal Life Club podcast on iTunes, Spotify and Podbean, author of The Happiness Habits Transformation and a regular speaker at entrepreneurial events around the UK.

The Ideal Life Club Podcast is 5* rated on iTunes and combines practical tips from Michelle with regular interviews with successful women in business who have overcome challenges to live their ideal life or help others do just that.  

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A personal note from me...

Since I launched The Ideal Life Club podcast I've learned so much about the real, practical steps of launching and managing a podcast while running my coaching business. I can't wait to share the exact systems, structures and processes I use with you in Practical Podcasting for Beginners.


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