“I’d had a lot of personal stuff going on before I joined Michelle's Spring Clean Your Life programme, which had meant I’d taken my eye off the ball with my business and wasn’t really prioritising myself and my own needs either. I wanted to get clarity, develop some better habits and learn new skills to deal with what was going on in my life.

I’d connected with Michelle on social media and liked her style very much, so when the opportunity came up to work with her on this programme, I jumped at the chance. It was a relatively short programme so didn’t feel overwhelming, but the concept of ‘Spring Cleaning Your Life’ really resonated with me.

 Michelle’s communication was spot on. I knew exactly what was going on each week – exactly enough onboarding information. The videos each week were a perfect length and very easy to follow – Michelle is very engaging and her delivery clear and supportive. The homework each week was challenging – as I would expect it to be. I did some really deep work in some of the modules and Michelle was there to support me during the weekly coaching calls and in between on email and messenger if I needed it. The coaching calls were a great opportunity to connect with the other members of the group and we bonded over the homework and sharing our stories and experiences. This was invaluable and one of the best bits of the programme – having access to Michelle as part of a small group was amazing and everyone got an opportunity to contribute and support each other and be supported.

 I have made some real tangible changes as a result of the programme – some are very simple, but have had a huge impact – e.g. starting (and maintaining!) a meditation practice, making sure I stay hydrated every day and going on adventures to keep myself connected to my creativity. Others have been around developing a deeper understanding of myself, my values and my actions. Some of the tools Michelle introduced have led to quite a few ‘aha’ moments! And resulted in a change in my behaviour to get better/different results in certain situations.

 If you are thinking of joining Michelle in this programme I’m sure you will get a huge amount of benefit out of it – as I have."





At the start of 2017 I didn't know who I was, what I wanted in life and how to make decisions. By delving deeply into my passions we worked on finding out what was really important to me, rather than what I thought should be important to me. Because of our work together I've made a shift in mindset and now know that I can achieve anything I set my mind to, should I really want it. From confused to clear in my own mind is somewhere I didn't think I could get. But I'm here, and it feels great.



This year for me was going to be a year of change, and one of the elements of this was to FEEL and BE more VISIBLE. I wanted to face my fear and demons of going LIVE on social media. So many people were doing this and I was thinking, why can’t I? I felt overwhelmed by how others on social media looked so natural and that I wanted to do something similar and for more of my audience to understand what I did in my business. Thanks to my session with Michelle, I feel that I can GO LIVE on social media without freezing or going completely blank. I have successfully created a 5-part mini live series on Facebook on ‘How to Live the life you Truly Deserve’ and then jumped on live when I wanted to share hints and tips in my Life Planning Business. I can highly recommend Michelle for your coaching needs, her work is of a very high standard and worth the investment. Thank you, Michelle!

“When I first started my coaching sessions with Michelle, I knew I wanted to make BIG change in my life but was feeling utterly overwhelmed by all the different options and completely paralysed by fear. Over the course of five sessions, Michelle helped me to break everything down into achievable steps, prioritising the things that were most important to me right now so that I could focus on moving forward. The sessions themselves gave me an opportunity to reflect on the challenges I was facing, as well as the resources I had available to me, including my own strength and resilience. And having Michelle there to keep me accountable, gave me the push I needed to actually make change, even if that meant facing my fears and stepping out of my comfort zone. Thanks to my sessions with Michelle, I have taken charge of my life and can feel so much change happening all around me. I have successfully developed my business idea and secured ongoing work with my first client. I have also begun to share a deep passion of mine on my blog and social media, something I have resisted for over ten years. 

And all of this has been done with careful consideration for the limitations caused by my current health issues, something which I previously believed would make moving forward impossible. I cannot recommend one to one coaching sessions with Michelle enough – they have truly helped me to turn my life around, and I am amazed by just how much change I have been able to make in just a few weeks thanks to Michelle’s support and encouragement.”

Amanda Shortman



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