You have a personal brand of magic that can transform your world

But sometimes it can feel like everyone else has the answers, is happy, moving forward, succeeding. Even if we’re successful on the outside, on the inside we feel like a fraud, that something’s missing in the glitz and glamour. We feel guilty for not being present enough in our relationships, our family and wonder why the self-help and business guru books aren’t ‘fixing’ us.

We fall back on toxic habits, battle exhaustion, stress and overwhelm at work, turn to the fridge or push on through. We start existing rather than living, searching for that elusive ‘balance’ and trying to ignore the voice inside telling us we’re just not ready to step up and live our big, exciting dreams. 

You deserve to wake up feeling energised and excited about the day ahead. You owe it to yourself not to fall into the habit of letting life happen around you, while the ‘shoulds’ and ‘musts’ overcome your hopes and dreams, your legacy.

Coaching is a future-focused, intensely empowering experience that WILL create results and uplevel your life, with tools and techniques you can start using straight away and my personal blend of support, challenge, motivation, accountability and fun. 

I believe in the power of living life ‘on purpose’ and as a certified life and business coach I help ambitious women overcome their self-limiting beliefs and start intentionally crafting their lives through what they habitually think, say and do to make their ideal business (and life) a reality.

Using my holistic 5-step system for...
> Crystal Clarity
> Core Courage
> Kick-Ass Capability
> Calm Confidence
> Crush-It Consistency will rediscover your purpose and passion, create real change and start playing bigger in your life AND work.

"From confused to clear in my own mind is somewhere I didn't think I could get. But I'm here, and it feels great." - Lizzie, UK

If you’re serious about making real change and willing to commit to the work, let's talk about how coaching with me will give you the support you need to make your ideal day a reality.

Is Coaching Right For Me?

Coaching can help you if you’re struggling with any of these challenges...

Lacking confidence - saying ‘no’ to potential opportunities more than you say ‘yes’; putting off challenging decisions; not having those difficult conversations; putting off speaking in public; telling yourself you’re better off ‘behind the scenes’; feeling like everyone else is more successful than you; worrying you'll be 'found out'; not feeling comfortable with uncertainty or change.

Playing small - not raising your prices; working only within your comfort zone; not working with your ideal client (or knowing who they are); not being visible enough; doing ‘busy’ or ‘worthy’ work that isn’t profitable; feeling afraid to step into your power and showcase yourself; hiding behind your business; not connecting with people that could help you because you don’t think they’ll reciprocate.

Lost your passion and purpose - lacking vision, direction and clarity; not living in integrity with your values; not excited to get up in the morning; easily distracted; reluctant, embarrassed or apologetic in sharing what you do.

Feeling overworked and overwhelmed - no clarity on what’s urgent vs what’s important, working too many hours, tired and irritable, too busy to attend family/school events; obsessively checking your phone; not being truly present in conversations, flitting from one thing to another without focus, no solid foundation of the processes and systems you need to save you time, money and make your work a breeze.

Having toxic habits that don’t serve you - being overweight; not exercising; unbalanced; not sleeping well or enough; no time for relaxation, hobbies or fun; not practicing self-care; unhealthy diet; not owning your mental or physical health; unsatisfied in your sex life; not connecting with your spirituality.

Get started today

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If you’re ready to finally ditch self-doubt (and bring that sparkle back into your eyes), book a free 45 min clarity call with me.

I’ll help you get crystal clear on what you want for your business AND life, what’s really holding you back and the steps you can start taking today. You’ll also get a taste of what coaching with me is like, we’ll get to know each other and see if we’re a good fit to continue working together now or perhaps in the future.

Either way, I’ll send you a follow-up email with tools, tips and resources you can start using now.